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What is ezWebCoder ?

ezWebCoder is an application that automatically generates code (PHP/Java, SQL, HTML, CSS) for database manipulation over the world wide web. The main goal of ezWebCoder is to save web developers the time and effort spent in doing the same things over and over again. How many times does a web developer require a dynamic drop-down menu that loads values from a table in a database? how many times does a web developer require an add-a-record page? or delete/edit-a-record page? The answer is, Alot. For this reason, ezWebCoder was born.

Why should I use ezWebCoder ?

Within a few clicks, web devleopers will be able to specify the database tables/columns and generate code for accomplishing the desired manipulation operation (add, edit, delete), without writing a single line of SQL, HTML, or PHP/Java code.

What is the current status of ezWebCoder ?

A prototype of the project has been implemented in C#. Screenshots can be found here.